Music & Mayhem

Welcome to my website, : Music & Mayhem.

I decided to call it "Music & Mayhem" because there's been a lot of music and there's been a lot of mayhem.

Music & Mayhem

The Music and Mayhem section is really a chronology of all the recordings I have helped to make from 1977 onwards.

In this section you can click on an album cover and there will be uncovered the story behind my participation in that particular album. You can read about all the highs, lows and inspiring moments that come to pass in the making of some iconic recordings.

Read on... wonder how I managed to survive the madness!


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Phil is available for lessons and lectures at your education facility.

If anyone has any kind of question they'd like to ask about the past, present or future, please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to answer your question.

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