Lessons & Lectures

I might not able to teach you how to play like me... but I can certainly help you to learn to play like YOU.


Guitar LessonsAt whatever level and in whatever style, I can give you lessons in technique and attitude, for you to achieve a level of proficiency that suits you.

Beginners welcome... all fees negotiable... the point is...
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I'm available to come and talk to your class about what it takes to maintain a career of professional musician over many years. With a career spanning 35 years, and many hit records and hit tours under my belt, I am able to give talks on the sacrifice and dedication needed and all the ups and downs one has to go through in this business.

Do you want to challenge your class full of kids who think they know it all? Then contact me now for availability.

Hofner violin bass Mod lives with Simon TownshendPhil the mod