Music & Mayhem - the inside stories

Welcome to the mad world of the recording studio.

From The Beginning

Here you will find a chronology of the recordings I've helped to make since 1977, with all the laughter, tears and mayhem that goes with them.

At some point I will be expanding on each individual story and linking them together for the "dreaded" book. Some of these album situations and circumstances could merit entire books of their own but you'll have to wait for the full stories which I will write about in good time. It's not my intention to over-dramatise certain situations that I've experienced during my career, but inevitably a lot of different people have been on my radar when I've been going through some incredibly crazy moments, so please read on and enjoy!

Album by Album

Below, are the covers to most of the the albums I've recorded since 1977. Click on the album cover to reveal my story behind that particular album.

This section of the website is being gradually constructed as and when I am able to write-up the various histories concerned. I am also asking for and getting objective quotes on these stories from various people who were on these projects with me at the time. All in all, this does actually take a lot of time, so please be patient... we're getting there!

NB. Many of the tracks on these albums have been re-issued as part of various 'greatest hits', 'best of's' and 'compilations', but we felt it unnecessary to list them all.